UARO Level 4

12 lessons
In this course, we utilize an application to engage in diverse coding activities. Participants will build upon their previously learned basic programming skills from earlier levels and explore the realm of free coding, fostering creativity and problem-solving abilities.


  • X4 Levels to purchase.
  • Up to 38 robots can be assembled
  • Interactive & fun with stickers
  • UARO is easy-to-build with simple and solid patented parts and frames.
  • 11 Themes with real world connections
  • Unplugged Block coding
  • NFC utilized smart programming (Bluetooth)
  • Robots can be programmed to operate according to the order sequence of block placement.
  • Children can also enjoy coding using characters in the interactive UARO app, downloadable on any smart device. The robot and coding board can be connected with the app via Bluetooth.