Robotics kits for everyone

Our mission is to make robotics education accessible and engaging for students of all ages and backgrounds. We understand the importance of hands-on learning experiences, and our robotics kits are carefully designed to inspire and challenge young learners.

ChinguBots Uaro Coding Robot for ages 4-8


4 Levels
Experience learning the natural way: through play! UARO introduces a unique building system for ages 4-8, that effortlessly transforms children’s imagination into reality.

ChinguBots Aikiro Robotic Series for children 6-11


2 Levels  (2 more coming soon)
AIKIRO is a specially designed robotics series for children aged 6-11, offering an exciting opportunity to unleash their creativity and build their own customized robots using a variety of frame modules.

ChinguBots Robotics Kit for ages 9-13+


7 levels
ROBOKIT is designed to foster a strong connection and ignite a deep interest in robotics among children aged 9-13+. It is systematically tailored to align with their cognitive development, providing a solid foundation.

Coming Soon!

Ro-E (Robot Education)  |  Coding Story |  DIYGO

  • Quality and

At ChinguBots, we prioritize quality and innovation in everything we do. Our robotics kits are built using the latest technologies and components, ensuring reliability and durability. We collaborate with experienced educators, engineers, and designers to create engaging and intuitive learning experiences for students.

  • Comprehensive Learning Resources

We understand that successful robotics education requires more than just the hardware. That’s why we provide comprehensive learning resources to support both teachers and students. Our curriculum materials, lesson plans, and step-by-step guides are designed to help educators seamlessly integrate robotics into their classrooms.

  • Empowering Future Innovators

By embracing robotics education, we are equipping students with essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity. We envision a future where these empowered young minds will become the innovators, engineers, and leaders who shape our world for the better. At ChinguBots, we are proud to play a role in inspiring the next generation of thinkers and creators.

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