Robokit Level 7

In this in-depth course, it is possible to learn various mechanical elements and application programs. Using newly added color sensors and various mechanical structures, automated robots can be created using colorful RGB LEDs and gigantic wheels.


  • Robotic Kits including all necessary hardware
  • X1 Workbook per level
  • An exclusive GUI application Rogic can be downloaded and used for coding
  • X7 Levels to purchase
  • Our circuit module-oriented approach encompasses comprehensive education on sensor, electronic, mechanical, and computer technologies, extending beyond simple assembly methods
  • Workbooks include simple assembling instructions and are configured to review and check key concepts learned before going to the next level
  • Block coding via PC and other smart devices (wired communication & Bluetooth) for programming algorithms in a flowchart type method.
  • Exclusive GUI (Graphical User Interface) application “Rogic”